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Beaded Cabochons

A cabochon is a gemstone or other object that has a flat back and a smooth, usually polished, domed face.  Cabochons can be stone — perhaps jasper or agate; shell, like mother of pearl or abalone; or a man-made material such as glass or resin.

Hand beading forms a decorative frame for the cabochon and each bead is handsewn to a reinforced backing.  One row of beads forms a bezel that secures the cabochon.  Additional edging rows — in a variety of colors, textures and stitch patterns — complete the piece with spectacular results!

Nature supplies a vast array of unique materials; the seed bead pallette is endless; combinations are unlimited.  The resulting jewelry is truly one-of-a-kind.  Similar pieces may be created, but never duplicated.

Here is a sample pin…

30mm x 40mm oval Elephant Hair Jasper pin

Elephant Hair Jasper

Pictured is a 30mm x 40mm Elephant Hair Jasper oval pin.
The cabochon is surrounded with 2mm gold-color glass beads.  The remainder are all seed beads: the bezel is metallic green and the three edge rows are golden bronze finished with a copper picot.





Punched Tin Earrings

Punched tin has been a part of New Mexican decoration since the early settlement of the territory.  It frequently appears as sconces and light fixtures in public buildings and is seen extensively on picture or mirror frames in private interiors.

Susan learned to punch metal using various handtools in the same manner as the colonials.  She applies those methods to aluminum creating wonderfully lightweight contemporary jewelry.

Medium Diamond earring

Medium Diamond earring

Pictured are 11/4" x 15/8" punched aluminum, diamond-shaped earrings.
The earrings are hand–cut and –punched.  All shapes and punch designs will be as shown in the jewelry catalog.  Allow for slight variations in the overall product since the rhythms of punching follow a different beat from day to day.



On this page and throughout the catalog, the photo of each item can be enlarged — just move your mouse pointer to the picture for a more detailed view.  Moving the mouse off the enlargement returns it to its original size.  (Only available to browsers with JavaScript enabled.)

Enjoy these unique treasures!

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